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Surat city is Rank-8th(India) and 2nd (in Gujarat state)
Surat city Literacy rate is 87.89
Municipal Commissioner of surat is Milind Torawane
Dastavej plot in kosamba ,Size: 12X35 ,Price: 2 Lakh

Dastavej plot in Kadodra,size : 12x40,Price: 5 Lakh

Dastavej plot in kosamba,size : 15x60,Price: 4 Lakh

Gala Type makan in surat,size : 12x40,Price: 12.5 Lakh,2 room kitchen bathroom balcony,80% loan Facility.

Flat in kadodra,Surat size : 400 sq. ft., 1 BHK,Price:7.5 lakh

Flat in kadodra,Surat size : 700 sq. ft., 2 BHK,Price:10 lakh

Flat in Godadra,Devath gam,Surat size : 1150 sq. ft., 2 BHK,Price:2000/- per Sq.ft

Ground + 2 (2 room kitchen latrine bathroom) in Rami Park,Dindoli,Surat. size :12X40, 2 BHK,Price:27 lakh

gala type makan (ground+2 floor build)in Dheeraj nagar, godadra,Surat. size :12 x 36,Price:30 lakh infront 30 ft. tp road

1 BHK Flat in godadra,Surat. size :650 sq.ft,Price:14 lakh

Kabja File Plot in godadra,Surat. size :12 x 35,Price:6 lakh

1 room kitchen latrine bathroom in parvat gam,Surat. size :300 sq. ft.,Price:8 lakh

gala type makan godadra ground + 1 in parvat gam,Surat. size : 11 x 37.5 ,Price:25 lakh

Shop in Godadra,Surat. size : 300 sq. ft,Price:35 lakh, infront 180 ft. road

row house in dindoli,Surat. size : 18 x40,Price: 36 lakh

row house in dindoli,Surat. size : 20 x40,Price: 42 lakh

shop for sell in dindoli,Surat. size : 24 x 40,Price:80 lakh,180 ft. road

Plot in Talangpur,Sachin size : 12 X 35 ,Price:8 lakh,2 Plot sanlagn

Latest News Surat

  • Great History of Surat

    Surat was one of the greatest Indian Ports during the Mughal regime.Read More....

  • Geography of Surat

    The City of Surat is located in the southern part of Gujarat at 21o 15' N latitude and 72o 52' E longitude on the southern bank of River Tapi.Read More....

  • Industries of Surat

    Surat is a booming industrial centre famous for textiles, Jari, brocades and is a very important diamond processing centre with a glorious past and a bright future. Read More....

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